With over 30 years of picture framing experience we have encountered many varied and challenging jobs, ranging from a hard earned certificate or prestigious award, to the family photographs, needle craft, original works of art in oil, watercolour and pastel etc. fine art prints and the most precious of personal memorabilia.

We have over 1000 local and imported frames from which to choose. Hand gilded gold and silver leaf traditional and contemporary frames. Beautifully hand stained and polished timber and rich European veneers. Classical blacks in traditional and modern profiles. We do not stock pre-made standard frames, all our customers frames are made to order.

Materials used are of the highest standard, we pick from te best available matboards and backing boards to suit your piece, whether it be an inexpensive poster or an item that will require full conservation framing. There are over 300 different coloured boards to which to choose from, so the right colour combinations can be achieved to complement any artwork. Matboards are cut using computerised mat cutters which ensures clean, smooth and exact bevel cut outs in single and multiple layered mats with multiple holes and and cut in any shape or design.

Glass used is dependant on the piece being framed, options include clear and anti-glare, conservation grade to protect against fading and we also use a range of acrylic or perspex sheeting.

All adheasives and tapes are used in the correct context for a particular framing job

All work is carried out on the premises.


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